Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

St. George Cathedral

The St. George Church account was one of Probate Asset Recovery’s most unique cases, and certainly the furthest-reaching!  When a wealthy Macomb County woman died, the executors of her estate found that portions of her considerable estate were to be donated to churches across the globe.  The churches in the U.S. received their payouts, as did one in Rome, but one heir remained unknowingly cut off from their funds.

St. George Cathedral is one of Ukraine’s most prominent churches and an important holy site for Ukranian Catholics.  At a time in which Ukraine is at the center of an international territorial dispute with one of the world’s largest powers, every little bit helps.  The woman in Macomb County left nearly $50,000 to St. George’s Cathedral in Ukraine.

For reasons unknown, the money was never paid out. After PAR became aware of the account’s existence, they began the process of recovering the assets, which they successfully completed.  St. George Cathedral netted over $40,000 from the recovery.