What is a Public Administrator?

A Public Administrator is an attorney who is given the authority to open probate estates for the public. Normally, you have to be related to someone in order to open the estate on their behalf, but after 42 days, a public administrator, for the benefit of the estate and its assets, can open a probate estate.

The Public Administrator serves as a personal representative of the decedent, essentially putting him or herself in their shoes to ensure assets (often times, a home) are administered to the heirs entitled to the proceeds.

Macomb County Public Administrator

Cecil St. Pierre has served as our Macomb County Public Administrator for now two years.

To learn more about Cecil, visit Boyer, Dawson, & St. Pierre Law Firm:

Cecil D. St. Pierre, Jr.

Wayne County Public Administrator

Joseph Xuereb, a well-respected attorney based out of Canton, Michigan, has been a trusted Administrator for Probate Asset Recovery, LLC for two years.


Further Information

For more information on what a Public Administrator’s specific duties are, check out the Public Administrator Act of 1947.