Where it all Started

Probate Asset Recovery, LLC is a research company that protects decedent’s estates from the loss of valuable real estate due to foreclosure or forfeiture. The death of a loved one is tragic, and there are a million details associated with sorting out an estate—prominently among them, the prospect of the deceased’s property going into foreclosure.  Often, the deceased’s home will be foreclosed on and sold to cover debts, with the surviving family never seeing a penny.  Probate Asset Recovery, LLC makes sure that people undergoing the pain of losing their loved ones don’t also have to feel the financial sting of that foreclosure.

Dear Family,

Probate Asset Recovery, LLC (PAR) was born out of my desire to help families like yours navigate through the sometimes difficult-to-understand process of probate. “What actually happens after I lose a loved one that has left assets for me?” After the death of my daughter, Kolleen, in 2006, my wife and I were forced to probate her estate. Even though we thought we had done everything to ensure an estate never had to be opened, we forgot to have her sign one document when she was 18. We learned that she had left assets, and it was up to the court to determine who those assets went to. We hired a lawyer and I acted as the Personal Representative of the Estate. It was a confusing, heart-wrenching time for my family.

I founded Probate Asset Recovery, LLC in 2013 to help families just like my own through the probate process to recover assets their loved ones may have left for them. There are families all over the country—and the world—that struggle making sense of what to do after a loved one passes. I know from experience that these can often be the worst days of a lifetime. Probate Asset Recovery, LLC is here to help relieve you of your fears and doubts of navigating through recovering what you’re entitled to. Our first and primary goal is to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible during your difficult time. Let us take care of the hard work; we’re here for you.

Best wishes,

Ralph R. Roberts